David Kwan

David Kwan

Software Engineer & Mentor


Hi, I'm David. Nice to meet you!

I'm a full-stack software engineer, with experience over 2 years. Technologies I'm most familiar with is React and Django.

I like trying and learning new things (not limited to Software Engineering). I'm currently trying to learn Golang and improve my writing skills.

Feel free to contact me through email or Twitter if you want to have a chat or collaborate.

My Skills




as well as Redux, Django, MongoDB, Docker, Webpack and many more.

I Open Source!

Made contributions to Storybook, Codeship, Coding Coach, etc.

Here are a few Pull Requests I made:



This website is not open sourced yet unfortunately. Will do once I tidy up the codes.

I write stuffs

I'm still new at writing, so starting a blog will be an ideal way for me to learn this skill. Here are the articles I've written

  • Why Learning Programming is Hard and Tips for Learning it Better
  • How I Speed up My Django Test Suite by 200%

The articles are currently hosted on dev.to. I will try to host my future articles in my own website as well.

Side projects

Thanks for scrolling down this far. This section is to showcase my side projects.

Unfortunately it's still under construction, so it's without styling and magic. Anyway, here are a few side projects I've made.

  • monorepo-starter a starter kit with multi-platform development in mind. Achieved using Razzle, Expo and React Native Web.
  • librarian app to search for books using Google API. Written in Reason react. Here is the source code.
  • Ninja a 2D platformer game made using Cocos2D JS. Here is the source code.